My Guy Website or Blog Background

My Guy Blog Background

Download our My Guy Website or Blog Background Wallpaper Pack to personalize your site today and make it the cutest blog on the block.

Do you have a blog or website about kids, family or fun? If so our new My Guy free background is for you. This is the cutest blog background around. We all get tiered of see the same blog templates over and over again and there is nothing more fun than adding a crafty, cute, homemade feel to your blog or site and it is easy to do with this free wallpaper.

Designing a webpage from scratch or even customizing an existing website theme or template can be stressful, but with this free wallpaper background it is easy. We've done the hard word of designing your wallpaper for you. Now all you need to do is download it and add it to your site.

This template is made up from a fun set of scrapbooking papers layered upon one another and topped with a zigzag stitch and three round embellishments. One embellishment says smile, one has a star and one says play. The simple blue, green, white and brown color scheme is perfect for boys of all ages. With the added fun of the "Smile, Star and Play" embellishment the blog wallpaper is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

All you need to is download our web template pack add it to your site. You can use this template with Blogger, BlogSpot, WordPress or any other self-hosted website.

This blog wallpaper background pack comes in a ZIP file with four JPG images. It comes with a background for both wide and narrow website formats and with and without the side embellishments.

Click here to find out how to make your own blog background.

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